Lake Muck Digester Pellets

 Use These Eco-Friendly Lake Muck Remover Pellets that are Effective

 These are an all natural solution when it comes to ridding the water from sludge and muck easily and effectively. They are able to work on the bottom of the lake or pond so that you do not have to go down there to remove it. They are made with a combination of natural technologies so that it provides a continuous sludge and muck management. They are biodegradable, contain a sludge eating bacteria and enzymes, is able to improve the water clarity, has no gypsum fillers and is able to naturally eliminate the odor causing muck that is usually found on beaches.

These pellets are designed to work in lakes, ponds, lagoons and need low maintenance in order to continue to work. Any organic matter, sludge, muck and so on is eliminated when you use these pellets in the water. Even solids can be removed when they are used, plus they will not harm the wild life or people that go into the water.

The special bacteria strain that is found inside the pellets are high volume waste consumers and have a broad trace mineral base, as well as an organic catalyst to increase the productivity of the bacteria in each pellet. They were specially designed to drive all of the active ingredients down so that it is not consumed by the water column. However, keep in mind that the water has to be at least 60 degrees in order to apply it. You only need to use a few every so often in order to maintain the quality of water. They are able to dissolve quicker and easier with the proper aeration throughout the water.

Do not keep them in direct sunlight and they should be stored in a cool, dry spot. They come in a 10, 25 or 50 pound package. Also think about trying a sampler to find out just how well they work – these come in a one pound package.

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