This lightweight tool is able to comb out all the muck and pull all of the seaweed on the bottom of the lake or pond.  The long rollers on the Lake Groomer are able to roll along the bottom and get rid of all of the debris that you’d like to have removed.  Not only that, but the long arm provides the length that you need in order to remove all of the debris as well.

This is all powered by the most powerful motor head on the market. Run the Lake Weed Groomer as needed until you have your beach looking how you want it. Then just use the Machine as needed to prevent future weed growth. Its that easy! It comes with a three year warranty so you can feel safe and know you’re purchasing a tool that actually works and comes through to provide you with the results you’d love to see. It is made in the USA – so quality at it’s finest with the Lake Groomer – From Weeders Digest

Zebra mussels, weeds, over grown vegetation and muck at the bottom of the water is easily removed – just like that! Give it a try today, you will be glad you did when you have more fun in the water than ever before!

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Learn More About The Lake Groomer and How To Get Rid of Weeds and Muck On Your Beach!

How to get rid of Lake Weeds….

The Lake Groomer is an innovative, effective way to remove lake muck and weeds from the water. Not only that, but it prevents them from ever coming back. You’re also able to hard pack the shoreline so you’re able to enjoy the water and beach even more!

The Lake Groomer is able to connect to the dock or pier or used from the shoreline using the tri-pod kit. The rollers are the ones that do the work for you. The 7 foot roller is able to reach out to 84′ in diameter to clean around the water and beach.

The Lake Groomer has a vertical motor that is able to easily attach to the pier or dock post and is able to power up to six 7′ rolling tubes equalling 42 feet. It comes standard with 21 feet of tubes. These tubes have fins that are able to churn the lake bottom and remove the aquatic plants and muck in the water.

It can then prevent any weeds or sediment from growing in the water thereafter. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to those chemicals that you would once use to rid your water and lake shore from weeds and debris.

It operates in the defined area that you put it in as well to be effective, while also being able to move it to other areas to clean up those. The Lake Groomer has a lot of power as well, so you’re able to weed through the thickest of vegetation that is out there. Mount it to the dock, post or on the free-standing tripod.

It is able to pivot in any degree that you choose. It comes with the standard twenty-one feet but you’re able to add an attachment to make it forty-two feet. So it is able to take the space and make it weed free, once it is, you’re then able to move it and make another area free of weeds.

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