How to Get Rid of Lake Muck & Floating Debris Quickly!

Available in:

½ hp, ¾ hp,  or  1 hp model.

The Aqua Thruster is the ultimate muck and floating debris blaster. It will sweep your beach clean of muck and sludge. It also works very well as a guard to protect your shoreline from floating weeds on those windy days. A water current can be seen up to 200 feet away.  That being said it will not move muck that far but it has the ability to move muck up to 70 feet away from your shoreline and dock.

Weeders Digest offers many different ways to mount the AquaThruster so no matter what your situation we can help determine which mounting style and horse power will work the best for you.

  • Efficient operation as the ½ hp draws 5 amps or the bigger ¾ hp draws 6.5 amps, and the 1 hp draws 11 amps
  • Comes standard with 50’ of submersible power cord and you can increase the cord length in 50’ increments
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved
  • Multi-faceted clean-up tool
  • Includes unconditional two-year warranty
  • Available in 110 or 220 Volt option
  • 3 sizes including ½, ¾, and 1 hp
  • 3 mounting options – Dock, Float, and free standing frame

The Aqua Thruster is one of the most effective ways to manage your weed, muck and algae problems. The Aqua Thruster is the FASTEST way to get rid of MUCK guaranteed. Learn more at or by clicking here

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What customers are saying!

The Solution
I’ve been fighting weeds, muck and algae for years.
Due to the flood last year the weeds and algae came early and have been ferocious.
The Aqua Thruster has cleaned it all out and the kids can use the water again for 4th of July party blast on the beach.

Dock Water is Crystal Clear Now
It cleared the muck which deepened my dock area and you can see to the bottom and identify fish. They school in front of it for the oxygenated water. It’s keeping hydrilla away from the dock so far.

Mark says
This machine is truly remarkable!!!!
Works Quickly
We debated on getting this for a couple years but my husband finally gave in. After our lake front not being able to be remotely swimmable for 20 years after running it for 36 hours we could see the sandy bottom. I’m excited to out it in the spring to get a larger area.
The AquaThruster is all it's Cracked Up To Be
We are in Day Two of using the Aqua Thruster and our experience mimics all the reviews we had read previously. We can't believe that we will actually be able to have a swimming area for our grandkids after looking at muck for years. In just over 14 hours, we are seeing firm sand for the first time. It has been a joy to watch the transformation, and we look forward to years of muck-free swimming and lake pleasure. We would absolutely recommend the Aqua Thruster to anyone who questions whether their situation is beyond help!